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t .Rocco

It rises outside the town, to the west side.  It is presumed it rose in the seventeenth century by vow of people, when the terrible epidemic plague was rampant in the Italian regions. 

The building is in one body, without any important architectonic element.  The bell tower was added in 1927. The XVIII century’ altar made of white marble of Carrara and the tabernacle made of polychrome marbles come from S. Maria’s church.  The original altar was in masonry and plaster, so too the two columns and the tympanum which frame the niche.  In the niche is secluded a wooden statue of S. Rocco, work of a local artist in the XVII century and restored by Can. D. Ottorino Papitto in 1950.


Translated by Mauro Rotondi & Beverley Wheatley

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