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he village fairs

Besides the Sunday open air market there are two big fairs during the year :
the first one is St.Lorenzo's fair (10th August) ; the other one is St. Anna's fair (the Monday following the second Sunday of October). 
In these fairs you can find all sort of products: agrarian, handicraft, livestock , clothing and so on.


iociaro Costume

When we say "Ciociaria" we usually mean the north and the central region of Frosinone.
The name derives from a particular kind of sandal "Ciocia" , held on by thongs laced round the leg used some years ago by the native inhabitants of this area.
The "Ciocie" belong to the typical ciociaro costume, one of the most beautiful in Lazio.
The woman costume was particularly garish. It consists of: a flated pleated red skirt, a multicolour apron "sinale", a black satin corset, a white blouse, a shawl, a headgear, a pair of white cotton stockings, "ciocie", coral earrings and a big coral necklace. The cloth for the costume was hand-spun by native people.


opular songs

They consist of: nonsense rhyme, rigmaroles, and "stornello".


edieval believes

The believes in ghosts, witches, sorceries are, by now, disappeared .
They are only preserved in old people mind.



The word originates from Latin, it means "to console". It's an ancient costume that people practise when some relatives die. When someone dies the relatives help his/her family as they can also bringing them some food to eat for the first days.
At night they use to say one's rosary for the salvation of the dead personís soul. During the period of mourning, there is another costume still practised: the relatives get dressed only with black clothes.


aster Monday

On Easter Monday people of Amaseno use to go to the sanctuary of Auricola (a beautiful place on a hilltop) on foot. Each one of them carry some food to eat with friends and relatives after the Mass, a pic-nic in the fields surrounding the sanctuary.

Translated by Valentina Boccia & Valentina Daniele


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